Piston Cloud partners with Gridcentric to offer OpenStack-Based VDI

Yesterday Piston Cloud Computing, Inc., a one-year old company that has developed a private cloud operating system built on OpenStack and named Piston Enterprise OS, announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Gridcentric to include its Virtual Memory Streaming (VMS) technology in every Piston Enterprise OS license.

VMS technology increases the per-server density of Virtual Desktops, taking the common memory elements of these desktops and storing them once, in a golden snapshot that will supply the content with an optimized streaming process that avoids duplication.

This partnership launches the first commercially available VDI solution built on OpenStack.

“Until now, there have been several challenges to VDI adoption in the enterprise, including prohibitive costs, security issues and complexity,” said Joshua McKenty, co-founder and CEO of Piston Cloud. “Bundling VMS technology with Piston Enterprise OS doubles the virtual machine density per server, requiring less physical RAM without any impact to user customization or application performance. This is the first truly affordable, easily-managed OpenStack VDI solution available.”