Release: Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator v2.0

Last week Flexiant announced release 2.0 of its Cloud Orchestrator software previously called Extility.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator 2.0 enables service providers to build a multi-level reseller model, the key features of this release include:

  • Multi cluster support, across multiple locations and geographies, all managed from a single pane of glass portal.
  • Integration with an extended ecosystem of partner organisations to make it easier to develop and deploy highly differentiated services
  • Multi hypervisor support for KVM, Xen 3, Xen 4, VMware and Hyper V(beta), again all managed from a single pane of glass portal.
  • Multi-level, granular metering and billing to support complex business models that include multiple resellers, multiple enterprises and business units and multiple consumers
  • New intuitive and highly configurable user interface to support white labelling but also to give the end user the individualised experience that ensures increased efficiency, productivity and adoption.
  • Fine-grained , role based access controls, by user and group, that allow you to empower individuals and to drive efficiency, productivity and higher margins.
  • A revised and expanded API to ease the process of integration and extensibility.