Release: Skytap announces SmartClient

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Today Skytap announced a new remote access solution to its Skytap Cloud called SmartClient.

SmartClient offers a Java-based browser applet and RDP client compatibility to access any Skytap Cloud supported guest host (Windows, Linux or virtual appliances) and is intended for mobile users that work on smartphone and tablets.

SmartClient key features are:

  • Secure remote desktop-level access from any browser or device
  • Fluid switching between any number of virtual machines
  • Easy navigation with convenient toolbar of common actions like run/suspend VM
  • Full visibility and control using either the Java-based browser applet or any RDP client
  • Advanced collaboration with “over-the-shoulder” view and granular access permissions

In the same press release Skytap announced the availability of the following new features:

  • Customizable Resource Utilization Reporting: Skytap Cloud allows users to create customized reports with a range of options to audit groups or individuals, over a specified period of time. These reports can then be exported for further analysis, or imported directly into an existing reporting and billing system. With these new capabilities, customers can quickly and easily review their cloud computing utilization, and more accurately forecast their future usage. When combined with existing quota management, advanced notifications, and virtual machine auto-suspend features, these capabilities offer businesses all the benefits of cloud computing with the IT controls commonly utilized on premise.
  • Configurable Virtual Machine Bursting Limits: Administrators can now set a maximum ceiling of resource usage over the customer’s existing subscription level. This flexible limit provides customers with additional burst computing capacity to accommodate any temporary spikes in usage. Skytap Cloud notifications can send real-time alerts when normal subscription limits have been exceeded so the customer is aware that they have exceeded their existing subscription capacity.