Rackspace give early access to its OpenStack Cloud

On April 16 Rackspace, OpenStack co-founder along with NASA, has announced the availability in production of its Next Generation Cloud Powered by OpenStack.

The official announcements describes the service as:

the world’s first large-scale, production ready next generation cloud, powered by OpenStack and backed by Fanatical Support®

The fact is that, starting from this week, customers can sign up for early access to “Cloud Server, Powered by Openstack”, while the public cloud will be available from May 1.

The Rackspace Next Generation Public Cloud features, powered by OpenStack include the following products:

  • Cloud Servers – previously mentioned and available for a limited number of sign-ups starting from this week.
  • Cloud Control Panel – a new GUI designed to simplify administration for the users, also available in early access.
  • Cloud Databases – a database service, based on MySQL on SAN storage.
  • Cloud Monitoring – a central monitoring dashboard, based on OpenStack’s CloudKick acquisition. Also available in early access.
  • Cloud Block Storage – a beta storage service designed to give raw storage, choosing between SSD disks, for high-performance or standard disks for a cheaper service.
  • Cloud Networks – software-defined virtual networks over Rackspace’s OpenStack implementation.

Last week, the other endorsers have revealed their intentions about OpenStack, confirming the trend that sees this platform as opposed to Amazon and VMware.

If OpenStack becomes the “Linux of the cloud,” Rackspace hopes to replicate the success Red Hat has had in the Enterprise Linux world.  Red Hat is the leading enterprise Linux player (it recently saw its annual revenues pass the $1 billion mark, the first time an open-source oriented company has hit that mark.). Of course HP, Internap, IBM, Suse and Red Hat itself will also be vying for that honor.

Writes Barbara Darrow in her article on Gigaom which we recommend to read