HP, IBM and RedHat confirm their commitment to OpenStack

As a reaction to the submission of CloudStack Software to Apache Software Foundation announced last week by Citrix, the other vendors publicly reinforce their commitment to OpenStack project.

HP is the last one to renew its support confirming that Openstack will be the center of its upcoming public, private and hybrid cloud implementations.

According to an HP white paper, the new HP Compute Cloud service:

is built on OpenStack’s open source operating environment and enhanced with unique HP technology … HP Cloud Compute provides you with the software, control panels, and APIs required to run instances and manage your own compute cloud. In addition, HP Cloud Compute supports a variety of standard hardware configurations, and benefits from the KVM hypervisor technology.

Red Hat and IBM are also ready to give their support to OpenStack, an official announce, according to GigaOm, will be done at the OpenStack Spring Conference.

For a platform like OpenStack, that many define as “immature” at this stage, is strategic to have such big names as endorser, on the other side for the big players OpenStack is the weapon (together with the previously mentioned CloudStack) to face Amazon Web Services and VMware’s proprietary tool sets.

This is a war between vendors. As Simon Wardley put it, beware of geeks bearing gifts. CloudStack is Citrix’s effort to take on VMware and enlist the rest of the vendor community in doing so. OpenStack is an effort on the part of multiple vendors — notably Rackspace and HP — to pool their engineering efforts in order to take on Amazon. There’s no altruism here, and it’s not coincidental that the committers to the projects have an explicit and direct commercial interest — they are people working full-time for vendors, contributing as employees of those vendors, and by and large not individuals contributing for fun.

So it really comes down to this: Who can innovate more quickly, and choose the right ways to innovate that will drive customer adoption?

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

writes Lydia Leong from Gartner.

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