Microsoft releases beta of Assessment Planning Toolkit 6.0

Microsoft has made released a beta of the next version of its capacity planning tool, called Microsoft Assessment & Planning (MAP) Toolkit. This version is het follow up of version 5.5. which was released beginning this year, which introduced assessment for migration to the Windows Azure and SQL Azure platform.

Version 6.0 will include assessment and planning for evaluating workloads for public and private cloud platforms, identifying the workload and estimating the infrastructure size and resources needed for both Windows Azure and Hyper-V Fast Track. Besides that this version will include support for assessment of Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for Office, called Office 365, enhanced VMware inventory, and Oracle schema discovery and reporting for migration to SQL Server. Also readiness for migration to Internet Explorer 9 is included.


The beta review period will run through mid-July, 2011 and is accessible through Microsoft Connect.