Release: Skytap Hybrid Cloud May 2011 edition

Skytap has released an update to its Cloud Platform adding security and control features, this update follows the February update this year, which added a the Self-Service Hybrid Cloud feature, a GUI for setting up IPSec connections. Skytap also added some configurable options for Virtual Machines and advanced networking in this months release.

The new features in this release are:

  • The ability to define access to the Skytap cloud based on known IP ranges, based on IP range Administrators can configure additional password requirements, granular access controls and role-based privileges.
  • Administrators can define which specific browsers can be used with an account, allowing them to block unauthorized browsers.
  • The ability to configure Email Validation, so that users are required to validate the email address provided as a part of their account profile, so that users can be assured that secure notifications and alerts from the system will only reach the emails that have been approved and provided by the user and IT administrator.
  • Application developers can now create virtual machines with up to 8 CPUs and 32 GB RAM.
  • Network engineers and testers can now create VMs with network adaptors that provide high performance.
  • Use promiscuous mode for network testing