Release: ManageIQ EVM Suite 4.0

ManageIQ, the company which provides Virtual Machine lifecycle management software announced that it has released version 4 of its Enterprise Virtualization Management Suite. The last time reported on ManageIQ was in September 2009 when version 2.3 was released which at that time introduced support for VMware vSphere 4.0. It is unclear if the company released versions in between or decided to shift to version 4.0 coming from version 2.3.

In the meantime the product evolved to a private cloud, virtualized infrastructure and virtual desktop infrastructure management tool and added support for other virtualization solution like Hyper-V and KVM on Red Hat.

The EVM Suite consists of several products:

  • EVM Insight

Provides automated discovery, continuous tracking, and real-time monitoring combined with automatic, policy-based classification. Comprehensive visibility includes real-time, configuration, capacity, and utilization information correlated with event and performance data, maintaining current and historical information including change tracking, baselining, configuration drift, and relationship mapping.

  • EVM Control

Provides real-time, policy-based management and control that can be applied at key operation, configuration, change, and VM lifecycle points as well as triggered by events and administrative/operational activities.

  • EVM Automate

Provides role-based, delegated administration, distributed operations, and self-service provisioning through an extensible web-based management portal. It also enables rich, context-aware automation and IT service, process, and task integration.

  • EVM Integrate

Provides a rich set of integration capabilities across a wide range of management systems, platforms, and interfaces. These capabilities include Enterprise Directories, Service-Catalogs, Incident Management Systems, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) , Event Consoles, IP Address Management(IPAM) systems, and Storage Management. Vendor and product specific integrations are available as well as a rich set of EVM web-services, and interfaces to LDAP, SNMP, SMTP, SMI-S, SQL, Ruby, Perl, Powershell and WMI.