Nimbula partners with Red Hat

Today at the Red Hat SummitNimbula announced that its flagship product, Nimbula Director, will support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2. Nimbula will also work with the Deltacloud community to ensure support for Nimbula Director in the Deltacloud Open Source Red Hat sponsored project.

“Nimbula has brought an innovative cloud computing platform vision to the market,” said Sarangan Rangachari, senior director, Cloud Ecosystem at Red Hat. “Nimbula is a great partner for Red Hat’s open source cloud computing initiatives and our growing cloud ecosystem. This combination of technologies can benefit our customers’ cloud capabilities and experience.”

We have covered the launch of Nimbula Director, and still believe that the Amazon EC2-like experience can prove to be a winning horse, provided Nimbula can manage to secure enough support from hypervisor vendors and the virtualization/cloud computing ecosystem.

This partnership seems to move Nimbula in the right direction, and the integration with the cloud interoperability project Deltacloud (which moved to the Apache incubator last year) is a welcome addition as it enables even more compatibility between cloud APIs.

Chris Pinkham, CEO of Nimbula, commented the partnership:

We have been working with open source technologies provided by Red Hat from the very beginning here at Nimbula. Specifically, we have supported KVM as a hypervisor, and our customers have given consistent feedback that ours is the strongest solution for KVM-based clouds currently available. With today’s announcement, Nimbula is taking that commitment further to deliver an integrated enterprise-class cloud operating system using Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The mention of KVM is very relevant: the Open Source product is moving fast to become one of the key hypervisors in the enterprise market, and today Red Hat and IBM reached an agreement on KVM, and Red Hat is creating more and more partnerships with vendors to grow its cloud computing ecosystem.