Release: Nimbula Director 1.0.1

Nimbula kept its promises: after announcing it, it has just released the first version of its flagship product, Director.

Director aims at being able to deliver an Amazon EC2-like experience for enterprises and service provides, handling on-premises and off-premises resources from the same central console.
As announced, Nimbula Director is free for small infrastructures up to 40 cores and is now available for download, even though an optional support package is also available.
Nimbula did not yet disclose prices for larger deployments.

Director promises to be a flexible and powerful tool, able to assist users in various use cases ranging from Private Cloud deployments to Full Public clouds, also encompassing various levels of Hybrid approaches.
Interesting use cases presented by the vendor include the conversion of an existing server farm providing ISP services to a full fledged multi-tenant cloud with web based administration: considering that this promise is coming from the man who guided Amazon’s EC2 efforts, this is an area where the product is likely to have something to say. Director also strongly focuses on fast provisoning and on building a flexible cloud fabric for hybrid solutions, thus promising to be able to accomodate the fast growing infrastructures which have became a constant use case in the cloud computing space.
Director provides both an HTTP API and a CLI interface, easing integration and automation of interaction with the system.

The 673 Mb large image file containing the CentOS based system is now available for download: the hardware compatibility list presented on the website however is small enough, so any deployment should be verified and tested carefully with that respect – obviously, a 64bit architecture is required.