Amazon launches beta of AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon has announced a new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) feature for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform called Elastic Beanstalk. Elastic Beanstalk which is currently available as a public beta is capable of automatically configuring an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) which contains Java, Apache and Tomcat, an Elastic Load-Balancer which can distribute incoming application traffic across multiple EC2 instances and an Auto Scaling group after web application code is uploaded.

The public beta release of Elastic Beanstalk now allows for writing Java Code, compiling it and then upload it as an web archive (WAR) to a Tomcat environment. In the future multiple development stacks and programming languages will be supported. Uploading is provided by a new tab on the AWS Management Console. Also Elastic Beanstalk APIs and command-line tools are provided for developers to embed into their IDE .