Microsoft details its vision on Private Cloud Computing architecture

In a series of blog posts, Yasser Abdel Kader, HQ Architect at Microsoft Middle East and Africa is detailing the Microsoft vision on the private cloud. The first post provides an introduction detailing the definitions used, like Private Cloud, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The second post describes the principles, like infinite capacity, continuous availability, drive predictability, service providers approach to delivering infrastructure, resiliency over redundancy, minimize human involvement, optimization of resource usage and influence good customer behavior.

In the third post, the main concepts behind Private Cloud are discussed, approaching availability holistically, using the same physical hardware, shared pool of resources, infrastructure virtualization, fabric management, elastic infrastructure, shared resources partitioning, allowing resource decay, classification of services, service cost transparency and pay per consumption.

More articles will follow, the fourth one, will detail the patterns of implementing a Private Cloud.