Release: Abiquo 1.7

Just after announcing a Series B funding in order to raise 10 Million dollars beginning this month, Abiquo has now announced version 1.7 of its cloud management software, which will be generally available within 45 days.

Abiquo offers an open source (LGPL v3) management portal for IaaS cloud computing platforms that supporst multiple hypervisors including VMware ESX/ESXi, Xen, Citrix XenServer, KVM, Virtual Box and Microsoft Hyper-V. The product is available as a Live-CD image, which includes a minimal Red Hat Linux OS. Also a version which includes VirtualBox is available for testing purposes. Besides that Abiquo also provides installers for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Operating Systems. For KVM, VirtualBox or Xen a HyperVisor agent needs to be installed, for other hypervisors this isn’t necessary.

Version 1.7 adds the following new functionality:

  • Advanced Business Policy support, which enables allocation of virtual resources based on multiple business and IT considerations including governance, security, compliance, affinity and cost – as well as a variety of utilization models. IT Cloud Administrators can set, edit and manage business rules which can be applied at multiple levels, and customized for individual physical datacenters, racks, servers and storage, as well as virtual enterprises and virtual datacenters.
  • Support for setting a broader range of resource limits at multiple physical and virtual levels, extended enterprise functionality and full branding support for service providers.
  • Deeper integration with VMware’s vMotion, DRS and HA functionality, for example, automatically and seamlessly updating its own records to reflect movements initiated by VMware tools.
  • The Graphical user interface to be fully custom branded without any code changes.