Release: Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform 3.4

Last week the canadian startup Enomaly updated its management solution for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing platforms, Elastic Computing Platform (ECP), to version 3.4.

The update, currently limited to the Service Provider edition of the product, is pretty significant as it introduces for the first time support for VMware ESXi, side by side with existing support for Xen and KVM virtualization platforms. 
This is not the only new feature worth a mention. Additional ones are:

  • Support for multiple storage pools
  • Support for storage thin provisioning (called Sparse images)
  • Support for PAE in 32bit VMs, ACPI and APIC
  • Support for virtio para-virtualization interface (disks only)

  • Cluster monitoring
  • Heartbeat agent (for high latency networks)