Announcing the Cloud Computing Industry Radar

A little more than four years ago launched the Virtualization Industry Radar, a fairly large database of virtualization vendors active in the Hardware, OS and Application Virtualization markets.
It tries to provide a comprehensive list of products for each vendor covered on, assigning them a technology category to simplify the research, and a rating for the company that owns them.

It turned out that the resource is quite useful for a number of virtualization professional out there as the Radar has been visited hundreds of thousands of times.

Today, launches the Cloud Computing Industry Radar, using exactly the same approach. 
The database, dividing vendors in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS market segments, is still fairly incomplete as is just two months old.
More vendors will be included as covers them on daily basis.

A key clarification: the Radar will not include platform hosting providers, like Amazon, Rackspace, Salesforce or Microsoft, unless they offer an on-premises versions of their cloud computing platforms.
Similarly, the Radar doesn’t include open source products if there’s no commercial support available for them.

This doesn’t mean that won’t cover these companies and products on daily basis. It’s just that they are not listed in the database.

Hopefully you’ll find the Cloud Computing Industry Radar as useful as the Virtualization Industry Radar.