Attribo gets ready to sell its management solution for IaaS clouds

These days the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing market is getting more and more crowded with vendors that offer on-premises management solutions.
One of them is Attribo, an Indian startup that left the stealth mode in late 2009.

Attribo was founded in October 2008 by Vinod ShintreSrivibhavan Balaram joined Shintre as co-founder in July 2010.
Shintre (Chief Architect) comes from defineE, an Indian solution provider that he founded and managed as CEO for six years.
Balamar (Director) previous companies include Business Objects (and SAP, after the acquisition), were he was a founder Vice President and Head of India Development Center.
The company, which is privately funded, is not yet exposing all details about its structure, so the rest of the management team is unknown.

The company develops a solution called Cloud Control Center (3C).
3C is a web-based management console which allows customers to operate 3rd party public IaaS clouds. It offers a number of common features in this class of products:

  • self-service provisioning portal
  • virtual machines and templates library
  • resource monitoring, reporting and billing
  • role-based user access (RBAC) with administration delegation
  • logging and alert nofitication
  • storage-as-a-service resources management
  • multi-account management


At the moment the company only supports Amazon, Rackspace, Go Grid cloud providers, but Slicehost support is planned as well.
One of the public resources exposed by the vendor seem to suggest that Microsoft Azure may be supported too in future.
Attribo also supports private IaaS clouds: 3C can control Xen and KVM, through a direct interaction with the open source management console Eucalyptus, and VMware vSphere 4.1. Support for Citrix XenServer is coming.

During the beta phase Attribo only offered a hosted version of 3C. The company announced plans to sell access on subscription basis once the GA version will be available.
3C will be available for on-premises installations too even if the company doesn’t provide any specific timeframe.

3C has been in public beta until the beginning of May and so the company may be near the full launch.
Meanwhile Attribo published a video demo that can be reviewed.