OpenStack now supports Xen, KVM and VirtualBox

Less than one month passed since Rackspace launched OpenStack, a free and open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that can be installed on-premises.

OpenStack includes components from The Rackspace Cloud and Nova, the platform that powers the NASA Nebula cloud.
Both are built on top of the open source hypervisor Xen, so this was the only virtualization engine supported at launch.
Over time Rackspace expects to extend support to Citrix XenServer and the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).

Meanwhile, there’s a surprising development: the community already developed code to support both KVM and Oracle VirtualBox
The news arrives from Soo Choi, Product Manager of Nebula at NASA.

By the way, the entire Nebula team is on Twitter. You may want to follow some of them.