Deltacloud now part of Apache Incubator

The meta-API for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing platforms called Deltacoud, an open source project supported by Red Hat, has been moved into the Apache Incubator facility at the beginning of this month.

Apache Incubator is a code repository and development sharing facility for those open source solutions that want to become official Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects, like Apache Web Server, Hadoop, SpamAssassin, Subversion and many others.

Once a project has been submitted to the Incubator, the ASF checks if it meets the proper legal requirements and then starts building a community around it to facilitate its development.

Red Hat, which is building a cloud computing management solution on top of Deltacloud, has probably pushed in this direction to further accelerate the development. 
Now that Rackspace has launched OpenStack, the Deltacloud API and the Rackspace API will both try to be the de facto industry standard meta-API, and Red Hat has to hit the market before Openstack gets any serious traction.