ManageIQ extends EVM Suite support to

ManageIQ is a well-known virtualization startup that launched in November 2007, with a major focus on platform management and orchestration.

Its flagship product, the Enterprise Virtualization Management (EVM) Suite, has been updated to version 2.3 in September 2009, introducing support for VMware vSphere 4.0.

EVM Suite includes four modules:

  • Insight (for automated discovery, continuous tracking, and real-time monitoring combined with automatic, policy-based classification enable role-driven visibility)
  • Control (for policy-based management and control of virtual machines applied at key operation, configuration, change, and VM lifecycle points as well as triggered by management events and administrative/operational activities)
  • Automate (for virtual infrastructures automation through role-based, delegated administration, distributed operations, and self-service provisioning)
  • Integrate (for integration with 3rd parties management systems)

Earlier this week the company released a plug-in called EVM Automate Adapter that allows the integration with, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IT management solution that is designed around the ITILv3 operation framework.

The platform leverages a hosted Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to accomplish a remarkable number of tasks, from asset discovery and management to change management and cost management, up to the incident handling and problem troubleshooting.

Together the two products allow customers to:

  • automate provisioning (EVM Suite provides automated fulfillment of requests made through the service catalog for provisioning of virtualized IT services)
  • handle event and incident management (EVM Suite’s policy-based alerting can automatically open incidents within with automatic assignment and comprehensive contextual details)
  • perform the CMDB synchronization (EVM automatically updates and synchronizes this data with the CMDB, effectively eliminating latency and ensuring data accuracy)